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    0 Building Customer Loyalty – The Biggro way!

    Hi it’s time to script a new story with a lot of exciting news from Team Biggro! We have been aggressively working towards building smarter processes to ensure world class quality in our service deliverables. We can see that our efforts are paying off resulting in multiple orders from the same customers and the orders we receive from new customers who visit biggro, for purchasing all their grocery & daily house-hold need.

    Kochi, the Queen of God's own country, just like any growing city has its own challenges of unplanned infrastructure, distressing traffic and pollution. The best news of the decade from this beautiful green city was the launch of Kochi Metro Rail under the steward leadership of the visionary Dr. E Sreedharan who is now popularly known as the "Metro Man".

    We at envision kochiaties enjoying time with their loved ones while we become their trusted and reliable partner who takes care of their daily grocery and house-hold needs. We believe our mission to deliver grocery online has helped save thousands of man-hours which would have ended up in long queues, sweat and struggle in the roads and more. We simply deliver Kochi!

    The fundamental principles on which biggro functions as a brand are

    •          Customer centricity
    •          Deliver the best customer experience
    •          Unbeatable process for quality check
    •          Affordable
    •          Reliable delivery of products

    Latest to our service deliverables, we are excited to share our partnership with SODEXO. Our customers will have the options to pay online, offline, cash on delivery (COD) or pay using their SODEXO Coupons. In the coming weeks, you will see our team actively engaging our customers across various digital channels but we guarantee not to flood your timeline with promotions. But we do have special offers for you! Finally, we strive to have happy customers and the best way to improve is to work on the feedback we receive. Feel free to share your experience with us; your feedback is really valuable for us to improve our services

    You can email us at OR Phone 0484-2314115  or Whatsapp at - 7994903733

    Happy Shopping! Oh wait, Happy Easy Shopping!

    0 How ecommerce has changed our perception of business in today’s world

    We live in a busy world with even busier people. With each passing day, it has become harder to carry out even the basic daily chores requiring at least one trip to the nearest supermarket. The traffic on the streets does not the help the case any better. With technology taking over every aspect of our lives, the ecommerce industry has paved its path in the last couple of years. Gone are the days of planning an entire day out of a tight schedule for shopping. Why take the time out to run errands when it is all possible with just a few clicks on your smart phone offering a vast selection as well! It is the urban dream after all.

    Due to high public demand, we see a great rise in upcoming companies in the e-commerce sector, each of  them striving their best to build a virtual marketplace in accordance with  the customer requirements, an online platform to provide customers with anything and everything by relying on supply of wide variety, low prices, quick delivery and an easy interface  for a comfortable shopping experience. India hasn’t remained far behind in the same. We have our own share of e-tailors making it big in the market today reaching across the entire country setting up big companies in the major cities, having no dearth in the job market as well.

    Along with the ecommerce industry, the logistic industry has also grown in proportion in the country. Most of the leading retailers have in-house logistics networks and warehouses for speedy delivery but hundreds of buyers and sellers depend on third-party logistics companies. Growth of the e-commerce sector has been the major cause of revolution in the logistic department, which in turn has helped in creating transparency in shipping prices, helping shippers save double digit percentages and automating manual processes across the supply chain.

    It is said that this year would be crucial for e-commerce in terms of mobile domination. With more than half of the consumers turning to their mobile phones for business transactions, sources have confirmed that 2016 would be known as the start of the mobile era. One out of every three online purchases are now made via mobile devices. This rise of trade via mobiles offers new challenges for e-commerce retailers including optimizing content for mobile viewing and mobile search, in turn, leading to development of applications for easy access and tour through various sites. The increase in the use of voice search is also a prominent factor in changing the mobile-search world. To include suggestions regarding one’s business equates to strengthening content on geographical based applications. Optimizing for mobile search is critical to staying ahead of the competition.

    As far as marketing goes, print media is slowly losing its charm. Advertisements have claimed their space in the world of social media. With our world turning more and more towards a virtual forum, Facebook and Instagram serve as the new billboards reaching millions of customers worldwide. The content too has donned an attractive cover with interactive and creative videos. By the end of 2016, video content may account for nearly two-thirds of all Internet traffic.

    This is the year for optimization and creativity. With the world touching its limit of peak content, we have to gear up for fierce competition to prove our worth in the market and as the traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers continue to make their way out leaving the ground for a competitive and creative ecommerce strategy to take over in 2016. The space and ground for business may have changed but the fundamental remains the same – how to attract customers.

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